What are peoples views of social media management in UKMFG – is it a good or a bad thing?

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During Manufacturing Hours last night ( @ManUKHour #ManufacturingHour ) we posed a question which had some really interesting answers. The question was “What are peoples views of social media management – is it a good or a bad thing?”  

Some people hadn’t heard of it, and the ones who had, provided different responses to this question and it also opened up the whole debate of Social Media Marketing in general.  

So, lets start off with Social Media – everyone agreed that it is essential for business, especially within the manufacturing sector, even if it is simply to let your customers know that you are still open for business! Which, as we all know, has become more important now than ever! 

Some say that they don’t know what they should be pushing out there to their audience. Some say that they either forget, or simply don’t have the time to ‘market’ themselves – we have heard the phrase that ‘the day job gets in the way’! Others don’t comprehend the power of getting that constant message out there – letting people know that you exist. People have a short memory and need to be re-assured that you are still open for business.  

This is where we come in – we understand two crucial things, and that is Social Media Marketing, and we also have a fantastic understanding of Manufacturing in the UK. We work closely with our customers to understand everything about their business as this is the only way we can truly represent their values, products and services. We understand what the audience wants to interact with, and we understand that different messages are required for different social media platforms.  

We take away the pain of promoting yourselves! We know that this can work for you as we use tried and tested methods and have seen the results come flooding in!  

We would love to build our customer base within UK Manufacturing as we have a real passion for this sector – why not get in touch to see if we can help – Special offer of £200.00 for Social Media Management… 

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