Torquay Squash and Leisure Club 

The club were active on social media, but it was more of a ‘when we remember to do it’ attitude as they were all busy doing the running of the club, so often the social media marketing would get pushed to the bottom of the list!  

We had several meetings with the club to discuss our plans and to work together to get the right feel for the club and what the aims were to get from social media marketing. As well as conducting photoshoots at the club in order to get some high quality images to use on their social media posts. Once we had completed the photoshoots we then edited the images to get them as bright and bold as possible to portray the positive environment it is at the club! 

With the club and all our social media customers we create a monthly marketing calendar as well as sending over every Monday the scheduled plans for the week, so that they’re kept in the loop as to what’s being posted. 

With also ran a competition during December, on both Instagram and Facebook and saw some great engagement rates and gained some brilliant traction in getting the club seen by many in the local area! The lady who won was overwhelmed and very pleased! 

This is just an example of the type of work we’ll do with you and for your business to help grow your audiences as well as get engagement rates up on your social pages. Its not just as simple as posting photos… We really learn about your business and want to become one of your team too and we want to see you succeed!