Choice Stationery are a leading an on-line retailer of Ink, Toner and Office Products, and having used other providers over the past 15 years, needed to get ahead of their competitors with a new website that not only looks amazing, but functions with a much more user-friendly journey plan – removing issues where the customer cannot complete their purchase.  

There are 3 sections to the e-commerce website, starting with the front end. This is where the design and layout need to be both attractive and functional, giving the user the least number of click to a) find what they want, and b) to purchase it! Using corporate colours to give full company branding, and adding in Call To Actions throughout the site really help to encourage purchases. 

The second section is the functionality of the webstore it’s self, mechanically working whilst also promoting associated products to help increase the cart value. Using up to date price files and displaying in the appropriate currency. Using the supplier API product feed to ensure that the site is always up to date with the option of showing ‘out of stock’ items labelled as not available, or simply removing until back in stock. 

Finally, the back office part of the system – This carries out all of the associate tasks with the e-commerce portal – automatically importing price files from suppliers, using pre-set options for customer pricing – standard website price, specific user pricing via log in, or discounted pricing used voucher codes – the options are endless. This system can manage from 1 to 100,000 products so the only limitation is you!