Delivery Partners had a very functional website which contained all the information they wanted, but it was a little out of date, and needed to be bought to life. This is where the R50 team stepped in – we went to the clients premises to get a good understanding and feel for their business… what made them stand apart from their competition and what they really wanted to promote. 

We conducted a photoshoot to use for the new website – as the images on their old website were old and not the best quality. Using these images also gives the website a more personal touch rather than using stock images for all the photos on the site. 

Whilst creating the website we often had communication with the client showing them updates and when they had testimonials etc they’d like added they would send them over and we would get them done right away. We really pride ourselves on our communication skills and working together with our clients like in this case, in order to make sure we get exactly what our client wants on the website. 

The outcome of this website is really amazing – especially compared to the website they had before! Most importantly the client is pleased with their new website. 

Take a look and see what you think for yourself…

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