Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is vital for your website...

why SEO is important

Being seen on google and other search engines is key to generating business. Using SEO, SEM and AdWords are all ways in which we can help get your website seen online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is KEY for getting your website seen. As mentioned in the Website section, why would you want to spend money on creating a beautiful website if no one is going to see it!?

But what actually is SEO? Well SEO includes multiple factors on which your website is rated or penalised, which affects the ranking in searches. This is simply that when a potential customer does a search for something related to your sector you want your business to appear high up in the results. The better your SEO then the higher up you will appear and the more results you will appear in!

SEO is really results driven, you will know if SEO is working by the reports we produce at the end of each month showing the results from that month, like visits to the site, which pages they’re not staying on etc so that we can then see where improvements may need to be made. The most effective optimisation is an ongoing process.

One of the most important parts of SEO is the analytical side to it and what to do with the data we collect. We use different tools to be able to look at the data we get from your website to see how many visits you get, where they’re located, bounce rate, popular pages and so much more. As well as these positive factors we also review the negatives and see why these are happening. Then the R50 team can get to work to get your website back up to the top of search results.


Mobile Friendly Websites

Having a responsive mobile friendly website improves your rankings and SEO on Google and other search engines. We make sure all of our websites work across all devices.

Get your site seen

You could have the most beautiful looking website ever but... If you don't have SEO then your website won't be seen by anyone! Or as the old saying goes, if you want to hide a dead body then hide it on page 2 of a google search!

We can offer domain registration and hosting too

We have our own hosting so we can offer domain registration and hosting services. Choosing the right domain name is vital for you as a business and also how search engines see your website.