The Importance Of A News Feed For Your Website

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There is some shameless SEO in this article for ourselves… Having a newsfeed on your website helps massively with SEO and keeping your website as high up on search results. 

Having a news feed can also be integrated into your social media marketing as you can add links back to your website’s news feed via your social media channels with the tag of “Follow the link to read more” for example, giving you an extra source of visitors and not just organic searches. 

However, your news feed needs to be a written text that is much longer than a social media post, so if you just write a caption on social media and add it to your website it will be a waste of time and have very little impact on SEO. You can use your news feed to write articles related to your industry, news on your business or any topic really that you think your audience will be interested to read about. 

A news feed can also be used to provide fresh content to your website to keep it up to date and so that anyone using your website can see that you’re active and regularly refreshing your content, helping to drive traffic and visitors to your website. 

Although having articles on your website is important, the actual story or message you’re saying isn’t technically the important part! How often do you actually go to a website to read its news feed? You want to have keywords for SEO and an interesting story to read, but you must avoid SEO stuffing! 

We encourage all of our customers to have a news feed on their website, which helps drive more enquiries for your business as well as a boost for your SEO performance. 

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