Why Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

In News by mark@r50marketing.co.uk

When you’re finding your team are doing your marketing out of hours when they should be relaxing, outsourcing your marketing to a specialists can alleviate so much pressure for you and your team. 

So, there are simply 2 ways you can market your business.  

  • In-house – Do it yourself / hire someone  
  • Outsourced – Get someone else to do it  

Before we tell you all about outsource marketing, firstly why are you looking at outsourcing? What problems do you have with your current marketing? 

  • I don’t have any marketing  
  • I don’t have the time  
  • I don’t know what to do  
  • I don’t have the budget / time to train someone up 
  • I don’t understand the value of marketing  

You may look at these and think yes, I agree with one or more of these problems. To be honest every business has all these problems so end up using personal time to do business hour jobs. 

The advantages of outsourcing marketing 

When you outsource your marketing you’re lifting a weight off your shoulders, giving you one less thing to think about and hopefully freeing up some time whether that be at work or after hours when previously you’d be planning posts for social media and updating your website. Your businesses social media is vital in order to be seen by potential customers whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn – brand recognition is so important. 


Outsourcing provides the flexibility to use the resource as you need it. You can employ as little or as much time as you require. If you’re trying to keep costs down, you can start low and build up as the marketing takes effect and the business gets busier. Or you can cut back when you need to reduce expenses. 

Fresh ideas

You guys know your business in and out so where you get used to things being the norm you won’t see it as interesting and exciting whereas when we come in and meet you and your team and see what your business has to offer, we will see things you wouldn’t think of!  We also produce monthly reports on how well your marketing is going so you can see how things are going as well as us being able to see what went well and what didn’t that month so we can improve even more next month. 

Money saving  

When you outsource your marketing, you can save yourself a lot of money. Instead of having to go through the task of recruiting someone then dealing with insurance, pensions and a salary… You can simply personalise a marketing package to suit you and your needs, this can start off at a lower price, then when you want more hours put in, the price can go up – completely tailored to your business needs. 

Peace of mind 

You will have one less thing to worry about… With outsourcing your marketing, we don’t have sick days off, holiday pay or anything that would require your marketing to be left up in the air. Your marketing will be taken care of, so you can get that peace of mind! When you do outsource your marketing, communication is KEY. We need to be in good communication with you so that whilst we are at first learning your business and how we can use social media marketing to benefit your business and reach your goals. It’s a team effort, although you are outsourcing and we aren’t an official part of your team we like to get to know your business so that we can feel as if we are, to ensure we reach the full potential of your marketing. 


Looking at the above its clear that outsourcing may be a better option if you’re wanting to boost your marketing and maybe have a smaller budget, instead of hiring someone full time, save yourself some penny’s and outsource your marketing! At R50 we like to become a member of your team so although you are outsourcing your marketing, we will take our time to get to know your business and industry as well as visiting / online calls regularly to update you on what’s going on with your marketing and how it is going. 

Outsourcing your marketing doesn’t have to be scary! Want to find out more? Get in touch with us to have a chat and see if outsourcing is right for you!