Brand Identity As The Foundation Of Your Business

why branding is so important

It is often assumed that branding is only about design but this simply is not true.  A brand is a whole identity, and we know from human beings that our identity is so, SO much more than just how we look. 

Brand identity development covers such a large scope of things from getting clear on your aims, defining your values as a business, getting to know your market and target customers,  deciding on your personality and style, and creating a core colour palette for your company.

All of this ensures you create a brand that is recognisable and memorable to people. Delivering consistency is an easy way to build trust in your brand, and nobody buys from a business they don't have trust in.

We all know that every large and successful business has a clear brand identity and brand guidelines that they work within, and this can also greatly increase the efficiency of how you operate as a business. Once you REALLY know who you are (and you would be surprised how many small start-ups aren't actually clear on this) then that helps inform all of your decision making processes going forward, saving you a lot of time, confusion and potential mishaps.

As the old axiom goes - "Know Thyself", and this can be applied to business too. We're here to help you develop the best brand identity for you business that is truly in alignment with who you are and what you want to offer to the world. 


Logo design

Having a memorable, good looking logo is KEY for your business! You want people to be able to remember your logo whether that be because of its simple design or unique colours! 

We can offer domain registration and hosting too

We have our own hosting so we can offer domain registration and hosting services. Choosing the right domain name is vital for you as a business and also how search engines see your website.