Web Hosting Devon

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why websites are important

Having your website created and maintained, as well as having all your SEO and SEM needs catered for, in addition to having it hosted, all in one place - by us - really does save you a lot of time and hassle so you're freed up to focus on doing what you do best.

 Good quality and secure hosting is vital to stop your website running at a sub-par speed and from being hacked, ensuring its safety and reliability for your users. Also having us manage your website updates saves you having to work out technical processes and potentially causing damage to your own site.

We offer great value hosting rates to have your website kept on a truly trustworthy and high-quality server. 



Mobile Friendly Websites

Having a responsive mobile friendly website improves your rankings and SEO on Google and other search engines. We make sure all of our websites work across all devices.

User-friendly websites - UX

UX principles have become crucial  when designing a good quality website. It is so important that users can find information easily and navigate to the right content which is why we adhere to UX principles in our process.

We can offer domain registration and hosting too

We have our own hosting so we can offer domain registration and hosting services. Choosing the right domain name is vital for you as a business and also how search engines see your website.

Quality Web Design in Devon

Special Offer - £99 a month websites

We can supply you with a variety of options for your web design, depending on your budget and requirements.
We offer £99 a month website, getting rid of that big up front payment and letting you pay in smaller monthly chunks! For this amount you will get your website designed and maintained whilst minimising your preparatory costs. 

Other options include paying upfront for the website, prices vary depending on the quality you’re after – and of course you want the best! What's important is that your website is a true representation of your business so you get the right attention and it helps convert views into sales. We pride ourselves in delivering some of the best web design, not just in Newton Abbot, but in the whole of Devon.

Then once you’ve paid that all that’s left is the SEO which can be as little or as much as you like! But just remember that there is no use paying for your beautiful new website if no one is seeing it!