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Our Passion For UK Manufacturing...

How our passion began...

R50 has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to all things UK manufacturing. Our MD Mark has over 10 years of industry experience running and growing a plastic injection moulding company in Devon.

The manufacturing business was a small and unheard of Injection Moulding company based in Newton Abbot, South Devon. The MD wanted to increase the turnover of the business rapidly, and needed help. Our founder and MD, Mark, was offered the job and soon got to grips with exactly what was required.  

Mark followed a tried and tested method, and started off with a complete re-design of the website. This website was designed with the viewer in mind, and included technical information explained in plain English, and some amazing and eye catching photography of the factory and the products, but always keeping the customers confidential intellectual property protected. 

Mark set up all social media channels - something a little different for the Manufacturing sector as not many had ventured on this journey at this point. Mark rapidly grew the audiences with genuine followers who had an interest in the products and services this manufacturer had to offer. 

So with a market leading website, and great follower figures over all social media platforms, Mark moved onto adding some great content that could be shared on the website's news feed, and over the social platforms too. This helped the SEO for the website, as well as generating conversations via social media. 

SEO was a heavy focus on the new website and this was constantly monitored and updated to keep ahead of the competition. Google Analytics was employed to monitor the success of the SEO and used for guidance on webpages that were under performing. Analytics was also used to discover where the website traffic was coming from.

One curve ball Mark threw into the ring, was a sponsorship deal with one of the British Touring Car Championship drivers, Tom Ingram. The sponsorship deal enabled Mark to generate brand awareness for 7 days of the week, not just 5 as the rest of the industry. Not may people have a huge interest in making plastic components, but hundreds of thousands of people love motorsport. 

With the inbound marketing working, it was down to Mark to follow up on the enquiries and close the deal!!!

The results were increasing the average number of enquiries per month from 3 or 4 to consistently over 60. The quality of the enquiries raised from small local private inventors, so some large, internationally recognised brands. Turnover increased from £650k to over £2M within a 3 year period. 



Our Aim

We want to help UK manufacturing companies by utilising our industry knowledge and experience, and passion for the sector, combined with all of our marketing skills to boost your visibility and engagement through websites, social media and other channels. 

Industry Knowledge And Experience

With the knowledge and experience of our MD Mark, we have all you need to be able to market your manufacturing business! We are all about supporting UK Manufacturing!